Latitude is a UK-based company dedicated to the design, development and delivery of quality specialist aviation English language training and testing solutions.

Our mission is to help our customers achieve:

  • Training efficiency: We do this by providing training and assessment products and services that target the language skills that students need for successful English-medium professional aviation training. This minimises the risk of costly and disruptive failures for our customers.

  • Enhanced safety: We do this by providing training and assessment products and services that target the critical work-related language required of licensed operations personnel.

What makes Latitude different?

We are different because we are dedicated solely to the language needs of the aviation industry. Latitude is not an English language school or an aviation training organisation. Unlike many of our competitors, aviation English is not an “add-on”. At Latitude, aviation English is our core business.

Our passion lies in creating high-quality specific purpose training and assessment solutions in a context where safety is paramount and training quality and efficiency essential. We have a proven track record in developing and delivering training and assessment services from short courses for small groups in the UK to large-scale fully-tailored programmes delivered at the customer’s preferred location. Our flexible delivery options enable us to tailor a response to meet your exact requirements. In everything we do, we strive to optimise training efficiency and cost effectiveness while minimising disruption to operations.

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Henry Emery - Managing Director

Henry has worked in the field of aviation English language training and testing since 2003. In this time, he has: 

  • Managed the development, launch and administration of the English Test for Aviation, the first language test for flight crew in the world to receive an approval from the UK CAA and an endorsement from ICAO.
  • Under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation English Association, managed the creation of the ICAO Rated Speech Samples Training Aid, launched in 2012, to promote international aviation language rater standardisation.
  • Co-authored two of the leading internationally published course books designed to meet the ICAO language proficiency requirements - the British Council award winning Aviation English (Macmillan, 2008) and Check Your Aviation English (Macmillan, 2010).

Along with business development and management responsibilities at Latitude, Henry is an ICAEA board member and is an active instructor trainer, rater trainer and test and materials developer.


Dennis Gliddon – Director of Training

Dennis has been flying for 35 years, starting with open cockpit gliders, moving onto vintage tailwheel and aerial survey work and ending as a Captain on a glass cockpit airliner. With an intimate experience of the training requirements of airlines and the broader aviation industry, Dennis is well-positioned to ensure the technical and linguistic integrity of training content and syllabi.  
Working in a multicultural cockpit for several years has given Dennis an insight and awareness of the role good CRM and effective cockpit communication. As both an instructor and participant in flying training over many years Dennis is committed to developing engaging and relevant training programmes.
Dennis is responsible for planning, project management and human resources at Latitude.


Dr Pete Bradon – Director of Finance

Pete has worked in many areas including finance, engineering, educational testing, statistical analysis and business consulting. He has a Ph.D in the psychology of human reasoning and has lectured in cognitive psychology, critical thinking, reasoning, statistics, experimental design and research methods. Research areas include biases in reasoning in judgements of quality and computer generation and difficulty analysis of analytical reasoning items for the Educational Testing Service (ETS).
In his previous position as Head of Research for Best Companies Ltd., Pete was responsible for surveying and analysing the data for more than 1 million employees from thousands of UK companies to create the annual Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For lists. He has consulted extensively on employee engagement, best practice in leadership, management, team working and well-being in the workplace.
Pete is responsible for financial planning and resources at Latitude.


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