Features and Benefits

Validity: Unlike other language tests, Checkpoint targets the skills crucial for successful aviation training. This means that Checkpoint produces a more valid measure of language proficiency than other language tests. Checkpoint’s validity allows users to select students with confidence and minimise the risks associated with inadequate language proficiency.

Efficiency: Checkpoint is a comprehensive measure of language proficiency but its specific focus means that it targets only the required skills. At 90 minutes, Checkpoint is far more time-efficient than existing general or academic English tests.

Ease of use: Checkpoint is a web-based test that is simple to set up and administer, requiring only minimal human resource and training. Checkpoint can be used at any location with a stable internet connection, giving the customer complete flexibility.

Clarity of measure: Checkpoint scores are detailed, meaningful and yet easy to interpret.

Expert developers: Checkpoint has been developed according to best practice by leading experts in the field of aviation language testing. We conduct regular analyses of test validity and reliability and we have engaged with Lancaster University for ongoing research into test performance.

Contact checkpoint@latitude-aes.aero to find out more about how Checkpoint can help you select the world’s future aviation professionals.