The challenge

  • Students need a good level of English to cope successfully with ab-initio aviation training delivered in English.
  • Inadequate language proficiency is a threat to successful aviation training. Poor language proficiency causes problems for students and their instructors, and can lead to costly disruption and/or training failures.
  • To reduce risk, airlines, ANSPs and ATOs need to able to confidently:
    • Select students with the appropriate level of English; and
    • Identify students who need pre-training language support.
  • Student selection is costly and time consuming. Therefore, English language assessment needs to be easy-to-administer and time efficient.
  • ICAO language tests for personnel licensing are inappropriate for student selection because:
    • They are designed for licensed professionals, not for students
    • They do not measure the skills that students need (for example, listening to instructors in the classroom and reading training manuals)
    • They assume professional knowledge of aviation operations that students do not have. 
  • General English tests are also inappropriate for student selection because:
    • They do not test in the context of aviation training and so results are less valid
    • They test content and skills which are irrelevant to the needs of the students
    • They can be expensive, inflexible and time-consuming.

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