Checkpoint is an accurate, easy-to-use web-based test of English language proficiency designed specifically for student selection. Checkpoint is available to corporate customers to use alongside existing skills assessment procedures to determine language proficiency for entry to ab-initio training programmes and identify any language training requirements.

Checkpoint measures the specific reading, listening and oral proficiency skills required to successfully undergo initial aviation training conducted in the medium of English. In Checkpoint, students:

  • Listen to and answer questions on recordings of instructors, students and training centre representatives in a variety of situations.
  • Read and answer questions on texts from a wide range of authentic sources including training courseware, aeronautical information publications, regulatory documentation, incident and accident reports and articles from industry media.
  • Complete oral proficiency tasks that reflect the things students have to do in English during initial aviation training. The student’s voice is recorded for rating by Latitude’s expert assessors.

Scores from Checkpoint are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference and are reported using a traffic-light system as follows:

Language is likely to be an obstacle to effective training
The student may encounter language-related difficulties
The student is unlikely to encounter language-related difficulties

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