In line with the recommendations of ICAO document 9835 and ICAO circular 323, Command focuses on the specific language proficiencies required for safe RT communications and develops confidence in the speaking and listening skills required for success in any test of ICAO English language proficiency for personnel licensing.

Command provides the opportunity for pilots and ATCOs to practise English in real time leading to increased proficiency across all six ICAO criteria – Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension and Interactions. The programme consists of a series of modules, each focusing on a particular non-routine situation in flight operations, from depressurisation to fuel shortage, navaid failure to volcanic ash. Each module contains the following pair and group work activities designed to increase confidence in oral communication:

  • Picture description

  • Listening to plain English in a variety of aviation contexts, from safety briefs to radio interviews, podcasts to discussions

  • Listening to pilot-controller radio communications in non-routine situations

  • Guided role play of pilot-controller radiotelephony communications including the switch from standard phraseology to plain English and strategies to check, confirm and clarify information and resolve misunderstandings

  • Extended discussion of operational safety related issues

As part of a Command programme, students receive tailored feedback on language performance from the instructor.

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