Features and benefits

Flexibility: Command is delivered with options to meet your needs which allows flexibility in programme design and management:

  • A blend of e-learning and classroom training (virtual/traditional)

  • 100% virtual/traditional classroom training

Variety: Command deals with topics directly linked to aviation operations and flight safety. This allows customers to select content which is both interesting and relevant to the professional role of their personnel.

Relevant skills: Command includes activities which raise proficiency of your personnel in all six ICAO language criteria - pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions. Together these skills improve safety in aeronautical communication and prepare your personnel to take any test of ICAO language proficiency.

High value professional training:  Command was designed by recognised experts in ICAO English language training and is delivered by native-speaking language instructors who are experienced aviation professionals.

Contact dennis@latitude-aes.aero to find out more about creating a tailored Command course to meet your exact needs.