THE Challenge

  • Pilots and ATCOs must achieve and maintain a minimum of ICAO level 4.

  • Marginal language proficiency can lead to failures and can be expensive and disruptive to operations.

  • Without sufficient opportunities to practise and train, personnel may lose currency with language skills leading to stressful and unpredictable recurrent testing.

  • Finding appropriate, valid professional training that integrates with ATCO shift patterns and pilot rosters is challenging.

  • Self-access CBT/WBT courses alone do not provide practice in the interactive skills required by ICAO and therefore do not provide the support that aviation professionals need to succeed in tests for personnel licensing.



  • Uses operationally valid content which trains to level 4 and above.

  • Provides effective training to minimise costly disruption to operations caused by language test failures

  • Provides regular training opportunities to maintain language proficiency and guard against language deterioration

The flexibility of Command delivery options allows us to tailor a schedule to integrate with your operations.

In conjunction with self-access e-learning, our highly qualified aviation English instructors lead classroom/virtual classroom training which facilitates practice of the productive and interactive skills demanded by the operational environment.  

Contact to find out more about creating a tailored Command course to meet your exact needs.

“CBT or WBT is used in conjunction with live classroom sessions led by a qualified trainer in order to put into practice the oral communication and interaction skills that are at the heart of the ICAO language requirements”
— ICAO Circular 323 Guidelines for Aviation English Training Programmes, section 1.3.9