Features and benefits

Unique: Foundation is the only English language course which specifically addresses the language requirements of students of aviation training.

Relevant: Foundation targets the professional aviation training context. Not only does this reduce the time required for language learning as there is no redundancy, but it means that students are more likely to cope when they begin English medium aviation training. This is because:

  • Students have been exposed to authentic language as it occurs naturally in aviation training

  • Students have been trained in the listening and reading skills crucial for successful aviation training

  • Students have increased familiarity with aviation as a by-product of Foundation's content-driven language training.

Motivating: For aspiring pilots and air traffic controllers, the aviation-specific learning content improves motivation, which in turn promotes efficient language learning.

Comprehensive: With over 400 learning activities providing 100 hours of training, Foundation covers a range of aviation-related subjects.

Flexible: Accessible on a range of devices including smartphones and tablets, Foundation allows for independent study, which means that students can progress at their own pace and according to their individual needs.

Easy-to-manage: Learners can track their progress on a robust and user-friendly LMS. Corporate customers can monitor their trainees’ performance via the LMS at any time.