The challenge

  • Students need a good level of language proficiency to cope successfully with ab-initio aviation training delivered in English.

  • Inadequate language proficiency is a threat to successful aviation training. Poor language proficiency causes problems for students and their instructors, and can lead to costly disruption and/or training failures. To reduce risk, airlines, ANSPs and ATOs need to be confident that students have the right level of English before beginning their training.

  • Classroom language training is costly and time consuming. Access to aviation-specific classroom training may not be possible.

  • Courses which address ICAO language proficiency are inappropriate for students because:

    • They are designed for licensed professionals, not for students

    • They do not train the skills that students need (for example, listening to instructors in the classroom and reading training manuals)

    • They assume professional knowledge of aviation operations that students do not have.

  • General English training alone is inappropriate for students because it focuses on subject matter, language content and skills which are irrelevant to the needs of the students.

The solution

Foundation is an easy-to-manage, cost-effective aviation English course developed especially for student pilots and ATCOs by experts in the field. Accessible on a range of devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops, Foundation is extremely flexible and is delivered on a robust, easy-to-use learning management system.