Training content

Foundation presents the key vocabulary and structures encountered during initial aviation training and develops the technical language skills necessary to interact in English with training manuals, CBT, instructors and peers. Training focuses on the following:

  • Reading training courseware, aircraft manuals, regulatory documentation and articles from industry media

  • Listening to native and non-native English speaking instructors, students and training centre representatives

  • Developing competence with technical English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

Foundation is based on the EASA/FAA training syllabus and the EUROCONTROL Common Core Content and contains over 400 language activities across 15 modules covering a range of aviation subjects including:

› Professional environment

› Instrumentation

› Human factors

› Meteorology

› Principles of flight

› Mass and balance

› Air Law

› Airframes and systems

› Operational procedures

› Powerplant

› Navigation

› ATC systems and equipment

› Electrics

› Flight planning and performance

› Air traffic management

Each module of Foundation centres on a subject-specific reading or listening text with accompanying comprehension activities to unlock meaning. Students are then guided through a variety of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation activities which allow controlled analysis and discovery of language form, function and meaning while focusing on accuracy, register and appropriacy in context.