Questionnaire on English Language Proficiency (ELP)

Thank you for taking the time to complete this needs analysis questionnaire. The information you provide will be very useful in helping us to prepare for a deeper conversation with you. We will treat your responses in strict confidence.

1. Your needs and priorities

1.1 What languages are used for instruction at the Ethiopian Aviation Academy? *
1.2 Which of these learner ELP issues are a concern for you? *
1.3 Who requires ELP training the most? *
1.4 Which groups require ELP training the most? *

2. Your current resource and approach to ELP

2.2 Describe your attitude towards ELP *
2.2 Describe your attitude towards ELP
a. It is essential for us to use specific-purpose training and tests
b. We are prepared to use existing products or services that may have been developed for other purposes
c. We would like to develop ‘in-house’ training and assessment solutions
d. Our existing team has sufficient time to develop in-house training and assessment solutions
e. We need instructor/assessor training to develop the capacity of our existing ELP team
f. We are prepared to purchase ELP training and assessment solutions from a 3rd party
g. We are prepared to contract with a 3rd party to develop specific-purpose products and services on our behalf
Which Latitude products and services are of interest to you? *