A two-day introductory course in aviation, flight and air traffic control taught by Latitude’s Captain Dennis Gliddon.

Delivered at the National marine aquarium, Plymouth and flybe training academy, exeter international airport

NEXT COURSE - JUly 2020 - dates to be confirmed

Aviation familiarisation is a 2-day (10 hour) short course designed specifically for aviation English language instructors, course designers, raters and test developers who do not have a professional background in aviation.

Facing a group of subject-expert pilots or air traffic control officers, or a group of students with a hunger for context-rich language training is a daunting experience for many English language professionals. In line with ICAO Circular 323 Guidelines for Aviation English Training Programmes, Latitude’s aviation familiarisation course is designed to introduce and develop the aviation operational knowledge to engage credibly and effectively with learners of aviation English.

The course contains sessions which can be tailored to the particular needs of trainees from basic aeronautics to in-depth examples of commercial aviation operations and the interface between language and the professional domain. The aviation familiarisation course:

  • Guides trainees through a complete flight from crew pre-flight briefing to engine shut down

  • Covers the key aspects aircraft and air traffic control operations and associated equipment and systems

  • Explains the role and responsibilities of aviation operations personnel and their communicative requirements

  • Covers a range of routine and non-routine situations and illustrates the crew coordination procedures and language use in and outside of ICAO phraseology, and looks at common threats to safety

  • Includes a guided flight on an Embraer 170/190 jet simulator at Flybe Training Academy, which illustrates many of the items covered in real time with hands-on experience of flying a glass cockpit modern airliner

  • Introduces a range of aviation resources and strategies for developing training and assessment materials

Aviation familiarisation is delivered at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth with visits to Flybe Training Academy, Exeter International Airport

Tailored courses at your preferred location

We provide tailored instructor training, aviation familiarisation and rater and test developer training courses of varying duration to airlines, ANSPs, regulators, ATOs, universities and language training organisations. We would be happy to provide an in-depth consultation to analyse your needs before presenting a tailored solution.

Contact henry@latitude-aes.aero to find out more.