A five-day classroom training course for aviation English instructors, materials writers and syllabus designers.

Delivered at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, UK

Next course: Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July 2020

Course components

Pre-course tasks (10 hours)

Before the courses begin, each participant is required to:

  • Research and prepare a presentation on an aviation incident in which language was found to be a contributory factor

  • Complete a comprehensive language awareness task

  • Consider the use of a range of reading, listening and graphical texts for language teaching

Classroom training (27 hours)

Classroom training begins with theoretical workshops designed to introduce the foundation knowledge required to teach English for aviation purposes. The workshops:

  • Review learner need and the regulation of language proficiency in the aviation industry including Language Proficiency Requirements for licensed professionals (pilots, air traffic controllers and aircraft maintenance personnel) and the language needs of students

  • Examine a range of topics and authentic sources of reading and listening texts and job-specific speaking and writing activities

  • Introduce the principles of selecting and editing texts to both motivate learners and present contextualised ‘language points’ for language learning and practice

  • Explore the teaching of the four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – according to learner need

  • Analyse key language teaching content including:

    • Structure and aeronautical lexis

    • Language functions

    • Communication strategies

    • Pronunciation

  • Review the communicative approach to language teaching and the associated core teaching principles and techniques

Training then moves on to practical workshops in which participants design and develop their own aviation English teaching materials and deliver lessons under peer and instructor observation. The workshops guide trainees through:

  • Identifying learning aims and objectives

  • Planning lessons specific to learner needs

  • Designing and developing aviation English teaching materials and activities

  • Delivering micro lessons and receiving feedback from the instructor and their peers

Aviation English training in Plymouth

National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth

Practical details

Course date (planned): Monday 6th- Friday 10th July 2020
Maxmimum per group: 14 participants
Location: National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth PL4 0LF
Duration: 5 days (27 hours) + 10 hours of pre-course tasks


Standard course price: £825 per person
Early bird sale price: £775 per person (until 28th February 2020)
Discount: 5% on orders of multiple courses

Tailored courses at your preferred location 

We provide tailored instructor training, aviation familiarisation and rater and test developer training courses of varying duration to airlines, ANSPs, regulators, ATOs, universities and language training organisations. We would be happy to provide an in-depth consultation to analyse your needs before presenting a tailored solution.

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