Delivery options: virtual classroom

A live classroom experience with a qualified aviation English trainer is indispensable for improving speech production, fluency and interactive skills
— ICAO Circular 323 Guidelines for Aviation English Training Programmes, section 1.3.7

A virtual classroom is a powerful language learning environment. Virtual learning maintains the buzz and energy of physical classrooms without the cost and inconvenience of travel to participate in face-to-face training. Students are immersed in an English speaking environment which provides the opportunity for genuine real-time language practice with our specialist native speaking instructors.

The virtual classroom is a powerful alternative to traditional classroom training which is interactive, leading to positive learning outcomes, but is also accessible via a range of devices from any location with a stable Internet connection.

Instructors and students have a range of learning tools at their fingertips to maximise collaboration, interactivity and interest:

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Streamed audio and video
  • Screens for presentations and websites
  • File sharing

Programme management and reporting

Whether undergoing classroom, virtual classroom or web-based training or assessment, student progress is tracked and monitored throughout all programme phases. Detailed training reports are submitted periodically according to customer requirements and may contain, depending on the nature of the programme, data on attendance, time spent online, e-learning scores, instructor feedback, student feedback and progress test scores. All students receive soft copy certificates of attendance.

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