The challenge

  • Language testing for flight crew according to the ICAO language proficiency requirements is a safety critical assessment activity.
  • ICAO testing requires trained personnel, high quality test content and a system of administration that together require regulatory approval.

  • Using a third party testing organisation may be expensive, poor quality and/or inflexible.  

  • Creating a quality testing system is a challenge for any organisation. It requires field-specific expertise, and is a lengthy and expensive process.


The Latitude Testing Toolkit provides everything your organisation needs to get started with aviation language testing for pilots. The Toolkit start-up package includes a complete set of test content and manuals that can be fully customised to meet local regulatory requirements and user operating requirements, and includes comprehensive training for test personnel.

In working with the Latitude Testing Toolkit, you will:

  • Fast-track your test development process, thus saving significant time and resource
  • Benefit from access to a complete test system with a proven track record for quality
  • Benefit from Latitude's expert guidance as you create a long-term, independent solution to aviation language testing.

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