The Latitude Testing Toolkit gives you everything you need to create and maintain your own in-house ICAO-level testing service.

The core of the Latitude Testing Toolkit is Latitude’s English Test for Aviation for pilots (“the Test”), the first test in the world to be endorsed by ICAO. The Test measures English language proficiency according to the ICAO rating scale.

An extract of part 1 of the test (radiotelephony role play)

An extract of part 1 of the test (radiotelephony role play)

The Latitude Testing Toolkit start-up package includes the Test, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training for your staff to conduct tests based on ICAO document 9835, Manual on the implementation of Language Proficiency Requirements.

The standard Latitude Testing Toolkit licence lasts for 10 years. During the licence period:

  • You may run as many tests as you wish with no additional charges

  • You may adapt and modify the test to meet your operational and regulatory requirements

  • You operate independently under your own regulatory approval(s).

If you want additional products and services, we can also supply:

  • Additional test materials

  • Training for new test personnel or refresher training for existing test personnel

  • Workshops on investigating validity and reliability

  • Workshops on developing the test for other aviation personnel, for example, air traffic controllers, cabin crew and airside drivers.

In providing the Latitude Testing Toolkit at low cost, it is our mission to:

  • Help improve the safety of aeronautical communication by providing a quality language testing system to the international community

  • Make a positive contribution to standards in aviation language testing worldwide

Contact to find out more about using the Latitude Testing Toolkit at your organisation.